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von AliceBerg
Mo 21. Apr 2014, 08:36
Forum: Mediales
Thema: What is strength training?
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What is strength training?

"Strength training Exercise that uses resistance, usually pesos, is to strengthen and condition the body to improve the resistance and muscle tone".Strength training "is used here as a synonym for general term with the terms:" Weightlifting "and" strength training ".
von AliceBerg
Fr 4. Apr 2014, 13:10
Forum: Smalltalk
Thema: Taekwondo
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Taekwondo is a Korean marital arts similar to karate. Do you agree or not? Please reply.
von AliceBerg
Do 3. Apr 2014, 07:57
Forum: Allgemeines
Thema: Hello Dear Friends
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Hello Dear Friends

Hello Dear Friends,
My name i s Alice bell, I am new member here and want to learn something from here, so welcome to all cheers.
Thank you.